About us

The Bern Racing Team, established in 2022 as part of the restructuring of the Bern Formula Student founded in 2014, consists of students from all technical departments in Biel. Every year we develop a electric racecar, combining performance with safety and environmental awareness.
Through an academic competition that unites countless teams from all over the world, we want to promote the development of sustainable technologies. In addition, this competition offers an optimal opportunity for future engineers to apply theory to this interesting project.

Our goals

Our first goal is to offer a new generation of engineers a unique opportunity to gain practical experience during their education. In this way we promote their personal as well as professional development. We want to reduce the environmental impact of our industry in a pragmatic and systematic way. Ethics and the will to change things are among the values of our association. For this purpose, students can deal with sustainable and future-oriented technologies and develop new concepts.