The Journey of the Bern Racing Team (BRT)

Origin & Inspiration

Founded in 2014, the Bern Racing Team, commonly known as BRT, traces its roots back to the innovative Bern Formula Student (BFS) association. This initiative was the brainchild of two forward-thinking automotive engineering students from the Bern University of Applied Sciences. Their transformative year abroad in Germany, involving internships at prominent automotive companies, exposed them to the thrilling world of Formula Student teams, deeply influencing their future endeavors.

The Birth of a Vision

Fuelled by their experiences and recognizing the scarcity of Formula Student teams in Switzerland, these visionary students established BFS. Their first major milestone was the creation of “BERNA”, a prototype developed by a dedicated team of 15 within just nine months. This marked the beginning of an era of relentless innovation and progress.

Evolving with Time

Year after year, BFS showcased remarkable evolution – transitioning from a chain drive to a spur gear and eventually pioneering the first wheel hub drive with “BIENNA” in the 16/17 season. The team’s unyielding commitment was evident as early as the 15/16 season when they met all SAE FS regulatory requirements, a testament to their dedication.

A Historical Achievement

The 21/22 season was a landmark period. For the first time, the team’s vehicle, “ADIA”, not only passed the dynamic discipline approvals but also triumphantly completed the grueling 22km Endurance discipline, etching a significant chapter in BFS’s history.

Structural Evolution

This period also highlighted the need for organizational transformation to better align with the team members’ needs and the university’s expectations. This led to the formation of a new, independent association, comprising alumni from the 21/22 season, the university, and the 22/23 active team.

Honoring the Legacy

Today, the board, alumni, and active members of the Bern Racing Team honor their origins, celebrating the founders’ vision and the invaluable contributions of past team members. Their legacy continues to guide and inspire future endeavors.

The Road Ahead

The Bern Formula Student association remains a beacon of friendship, innovation, and passion for motorsport and technology, preserving the rich history and achievements from 2014 to 2021.

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